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The place where everyone can earn crypto honey and cones, regardless of knowledge level. People love to play mobile games. So we offer them to play familiar and popular games and earn cryptocurrency.

Sections in short:

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We use two the most popular game mechanics around the world: match3 (PvP) and farming. More than players around the world know and love these mechanics, and this number is growing. Two mechanics are not isolated processes in this game, they are related.
Match3 in PvP mode
Farming in single mode
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    Coins utility
We offer beginners an easy way to exchange earned crypto honey for gifts from our partners (e.g, coffee at starbucks, or a subscription to netflix in the future). Players can literally earn something useful by playing their favorite game. For advanced players, exchange to USDT via an exchange is available.
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    Tokenomics, Staking and Governance
There are two native coins: HoneyCoin and CONE. The HoneyCoin is for performing in-game operations. The CONE can be used to staking and voting of blockchain changes. When anyone buy something in game store, 50% Honey is burnt and the rest is delivered across all stakers of CONE. The more transactions, the more staking income. By burning CONE players can get Honey. By buying Trees they can burn Honey and receive CONE.
More in Tokenomics, Staking and Governance sections.
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Our goal is to expand current gameplay, add new games with Honey and CONE, and extend the utility of coins through the addition of new partners around the world.
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    Partners and featured by
The most promising cryptos from well-known media as: Nasdaq, MSN, Markets Insider, InvestorsObserver
Kostya Tszyu - Absolute World boxing Champion is one of the main ambassadors of the HoneyWood project: "I plan to become the most powerful crypto bear in the world". Link.
Discussion about the project on the most popular Russian crypto media, Forklog.
Angel talks discussion about HoneyWood from the Founders.
Kommunitas launchpad
Gagarin launchpad

Game website

Telegram (announcement channel)




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