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Once upon a time, some hard working bears found themselves in previously unexplored, barren and desolate territories. The bears got really busy, really quick by planting trees, building apiaries, and even breeding bees. As the wheels of time started to turn, those deserted lands gradually transformed into a rich oasis full of sustainability: abundant plants for oxygen, it’s own biosystem with insects and a steady supply of that sweet, delicious, golden nectar... Honey! The bears gave this magical land a most fitting name that remains to this day - HoneyWood.
HoneyWood is a dreamland where every bear has a fiefdom, and they devote their time almost exclusively to keeping it robust. How do they do this you might ask? They construct new apiaries, collect new bees, decorate as they expand, always in search of more and more of that most precious...Honey! But bears, like anyone else, can’t only work. They like to have fun and play “forest games” too, getting together to form fun competitions where generous rewards are splashed out regularly. But the wheels of time continued to turn, and the bears looked around and noticed that as the space was getting crowded, the supplies were starting to dwindle. The more bears there were, the less oxygen there was to breathe. The more bears there were, the less nectar the bees could collect to feed everyone around. Honey became harder to source and as we all know, nothing is more important than...Honey!
But yet the solution was rather simple... plant more, and more, and more, and more TREES! The HoneyWood of today, planting trees is a tradition, and each bear that plants a new tree on the territory of their own fiefdom receives Honey as a gratitude from the other bears. This has been a successful system for quite a while, but as with anything, the question remains... Can they maintain that balance? For otherwise, this rich oasis called HoneyWood might once again fall back into a barren, desolate, and even deserted land.