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The Roadmap for Growth and Success
Development and testing - Q4 2021
Initial launch of the game website - Q1 2022
The game release - 13 May 2022
Bee Fest, present new play mechanics - Q2 2022
Start of the Ambassador Program - Q3 2022
Start of the selling of CONES - Q3 2022
Bitmart and Opensea NFT sales - Q3 2022
Integrate HoneyCoin and CONE in Moneta Today mobile application - Q4 2022
Make new game mechanics and new architecture of the game - Q4 2022
Enable HoneyCoin transfer between users using Moneta Today wallet - Q4 2022
Audit of blockchain - Q4 2022
Listing CONE - Q1 2023
Mobile App publication - Q1 2023
Coming soon:
New levels in match3
New buildings and mechanics in farming mode
Marketplace and Bee NFTs
Voting platform
Launch of a challenge with Kostya Tszyu
Marketplace in the MonetaToday app
1000 businesses connected to the Honey loyalty program, packaging of the Novosibirsk case for replication
Loyalty system launch either in Moscow or in Dubai
Adding new games connected with Honey and CONE
Issuance of own plastic cards