Farming is the mechanics whereby bears can generate/produce new HoneyCoin for the game. Players should buy game packs on the web-site or in the mobile application to start generating new HoneyCoins.
In order to start Farming a bear needs to:
1) Have a free cell of land on the field.
A Field is a designated space for allocating items.
In Fields, bears are able to place Apiaries, Trees, Decorations, etc, all of which can be purchased via the Game Store. A Field consists of a set of cells/tiles in 2D isometry. A personal field is generated for each new bear to the game, and belongs solely to that bear. Initially, all players begin their campaign with only 1 cell of land. As bears progress through the game, they are able to expand their domain, increasing the size and number of cells. The cost of Field expansion is measured in HoneyCoin, the amount of which is determined by size. Items can also be moved to unoccupied cells of land within the game, and bears will have the opportunity to delete select items from their inventory.
2) Buy and Install an Apiary in their field.
An Apiary - a DIGITAL REAL ESTATE container (assets and NFT tokens) for bees located in the game. All players can purchase Apiaries in the Game Store. When buying an Apiary, players have the freedom to choose the location of their Apiary and where to place it precisely. There are several types of Apiary, and each type has its own capacity for the number of bees, storage space for honey, and cost. Players can place their bees into each Apiary and start generating HoneyCoin. An empty Apiary without any bees is NOT able to generate/produce HoneyCoin.
Apiary features:
• Cost
• Size in the field (in mvp any apiary occupies 1 cell of land; later it can be changing)
• Amount of slots for bees
• Storage capacity for HoneyCoin
3) A Bee (NFT)
Its main function within the game is to generate/produce HoneyCoin. Each Bee occupies one slot within the Apiary. Once all slots are occupied within an Apiary, it is then considered fully occupied and new bees cannot be placed inside.
Features of a bee:
• Cost
• HoneyCoin generation rate
• Air dependency (1 is basic; if more than 1 then a bee generates HoneyCoin worse if the air gets down; It is multiplied by the air purity and then by generation rate)
In the future versions (updated) of the game, we fully plan to add additional features for Bees, including (but not limited to) their appearance: color of wings, eye shape, and so forth. In this instance, each and every Bee within the game will become a unique asset.
How much HoneyCoin a single Bee can generate per hour is calculated for the following formula:
HP = AP * HS * (1 + (AC -1) * ACD)
HP - Honey Power - Final generation of HoneyCoin
HS - Honey Speed - the basic rate of HoneyCoin generation by Bees
ACD - Air Count Dependency - The Bee’s dependency on the air
AC- Air Count - The current amount of air available (It's a common parameter for all players)
AP - Air Purity - Air purity index (It's a common parameter for all players)