We use two the most popular game mechanics around the world: match3 (PvP) and farming. They are not isolated processes in this game, they are related. You can improve your farm playing match3, and you can have additional boosters in match3 if you have a developed farm (sets of decorations, unique bees that you can use while fighting with an opponent in match3).
New players can pass an onboarding process and battle with other players in match3 free of charge. While doing it they can collect fruits, learn game mechanics and increase their stats (e.g. a rank). Each match3 game consists of 4 rounds, granting 2 moves for each bear, with an opportunity to make extra moves.
To participate in match3 tournaments, players have to pay in worth of HoneyCoin. We regularly hold tournaments with a common deposit that is collected from all participants. The more participants, the more the common deposit that will be distributed between all winners according with their tournament's positions.
Having received HoneyCoin and fruits from tournaments and other game activities players can use it on their farms: build new apiaries, extend a field, buy new decorations, etc. Developing a farm players open new boosters in match3 game and can be faster, stronger in battles.
What is Rank – Rank is a value indicating a bear's level of success in PvP battles. When entering the game, a player is given a starting rank of 200. The rank is calculated according to the result of a PvP battle: +15 is a win, +5 is a draw, -5 is a defeat. The Matchmaking mechanics work as such: when searching for an opponent, the system prioritizes bears with equal rank. If an equal opponent is not found, the search range automatically gets wider.
Last modified 6mo ago