At launch, in the first version of the HoneyWood game, only gameplay Match3 (the 2 modes of PvE and PvP) will be available for our bears. Match3 is a popular genre long known to the gaming industry. Users throughout the industry have shown strong support and continued demand for Match3 gaming. In the PvE mode, a player combats the computer (bots) in order to improve their gaming skills and master the mechanics. No commission fees are charged for this gameplay type, although on the downside no rewards are provided either. This mode is best for those who are less familiar with the Match3 mechanics.
This enables bears to acquire game experience and get some practice before testing their might in the PvP battlefield arena. Moreover, PvE mode is best for new bears who would like to familiarize themselves with the game and are not quite ready to purchase HoneyCoin (free-to-play). In PvP mode,however, a bear fights against other bears. This is not only a significantly more interesting and challenging game process, but also an opportunity to actually Earn, using a player’s skills.By defeating other opponents in the PvP arena, bears earn HoneyCoin. The 7x7 playing field is stacked with various tokens. Whilst arranging them, the bears build up a score. Each game consists of 4 rounds, granting 2 moves for each bear, with an opportunity to make extra moves. Deposits of coins are required in order to enter a battle with another bear. Players can do this by placing a certain amount of HoneyCoin for deposit. Both bears must deposit coins for the PvP battle to begin, with the winner walking away with EVERYTHING.
What is Rank – Rank is a value indicating a bear's level of success in PvP battles. When entering the game, a player is given a starting rank of 200. The rank is calculated according to the result of a PvP battle: +15 is a win, +5 is a draw, -5 is a defeat. The Matchmaking mechanics work as such: when searching for an opponent, the system prioritizes bears with equal rank. If an equal opponent is not found, the search range automatically gets wider.
In search of an opponent, the system first selects players with an equal rank. If an equal opponent is not found, the search range gets wider.
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