Tokenomics of HoneyСoin

HoneyCoin - it is the token of the game. Using it players can perform in-game operations: buy items, participate in tournaments, buy services and so on. Be noted that we don't sell HoneyCoin directly.
The initial emission of HoneyСoin is 120,000,000 coins, however, new HoneyCoins will be generated by Bears when farming during gameplay. It's like a decentralized token emission, controlled by players owning their farms.
We reserve the right to use HoneyCoin to promote the project.
HoneyCoin has real UTILITY for the bear by:
• Making in-app purchases via the game store • Planting trees and generating new CONE coins • Paying for any game commission fees • Making deposits in PvP battles, and earning HoneyCoin in the Farming section
A bear can obtain HoneyCoin in the following ways: • Generating by Farming • Receiving as a reward for Staking • Winning in PvP battles • AIRDROP bonuses in the form of HoneyCoin from the developers (periodic special events)
Supply HoneyCoin
30 000 000
30 000 000
Game assets sale
60 000 000
Further information on the mechanism of earning HoneyCoin can be found in the Farming section.