Game store and marketplace

The Game Store and Marketplace Game store
A dedicated game section in which bears purchase items in exchange for HoneyCoin (some more exclusive items will be available for purchase only with CONE coins).
A player can purchase 5 types of goods in the store:
• Apiaries
• Bees
• Trees
• Decorations
• Lands
The Marketplace is a separate section of the HoneyWood platform. Players are able to buy/ sell NFTs to and from each other (bees/apiaries/decoration). All items of a player are auto-synchronized with the store and the marketplace. The decentralization of the system provides an opportunity to trade items without actually being present in the marketplace, which is an excellent motivation for all participating players. This section will only be available in the future versions of the game after CONE is released on the crypto exchanges.
Last modified 1yr ago